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About me

Software Engineer / Solutions Architect / Consultant

I am a professional software engineer with a master's degree in computer science and research published by IEEE, OEIS, and Springer. I am the author of the first linear algorithm for rolling binary trees, a couple of original integer sequences, and various publications spanning multiple disciplines, including music production and audio engineering.


Since 2010, I have been helping organizations grow and solve problems with software and technology. I have designed, developed, and deployed web and desktop applications, data pipelines, and various tailor-made solutions, while actively assisting businesses with things like product strategy, branding, sales, and marketing.

I have undertaken work on cutting-edge applications, legacy systems, greenfield projects, brownfield projects, and everything in between. My primary focus is on developing user-facing software and solving intricate problems, while helping companies launch products, scale, and stand out from their competition.


Software Development

Do you need an MVP or a full-blown SaaS developed from scratch? Do you want to revamp an old application or integrate with third-party apps or services?

Data Engineering

Does your organization rely on consolidating and drawing insights from huge amounts of data? Do you want to automate everything from data extraction to report generation and data visualization?

Custom Solutions

Do you have an original idea or a peculiar domain problem you want to tackle? Commercially available software and technology products don't align with your needs and objectives?

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